Indian culture that evoke non-Indians

Most westerners typically think that India is foreign but is not usually the case. India has over seven hundred languages with the majority of the residents speaking English. Most educated Indians in various businesses use English to communicate to most of their customers, and this makes it easy for the non-Indians to communicate with them effectively.

Indian culture has today become renowned in the entire world as being so unique and diverse. Most non-Indian people find the Indian culture intriguing because of its unique customs and traditions originating from the Ancient Indian texts and scripture dictating the Indians way of life for decades. Herein are some of the Indian culture that evokes non-Indians to come and check new styles in the country:

The Namaste

The Namaste or Namaskaara is one of the five forms of the traditional greeting commonly mentioned in the country’s ancient Hindu scriptures. The Namaste usually means that someone is bowing before the other to let both their minds meet, a way of reducing one’s ego before other people. It is one of the most popular traditions in India which is nowadays not restricted to only to Indian terrain. Most of the non-Indian people are currently doing it on various occasions, and this attracts others to come and check for new fresh styles and fashions in the country.  This helps in promoting the entire Indian culture worldwide. 

Mehndi styles in Indian culture

Mehndi holds most of the significant cultural in Indian tradition. It attracts a huge number of the non-Indian people to check in as it plays a critical role in various festivals and ceremonies in India. A large number of non-residents visit the country because of the current era of modernization worldwide. The fresh designs and styles of mehndi are significantly coming up to add joy and glamour to people’s wedding and other important occasions. A day of marriage is one of the most significant days of most people and mehndi styles helps in beautifying the occasion and other festivals. Beautification being the key to success of any occasion the style is highly embraced by both residents and non-residents in India thus promoting the Indian culture exclusively.

The ethnic wear among Indians

The Indian women are universally known because of the sari they wear. The sari is usually just a single cloth that needs no stitching to make, and this makes it very simple to make. It is comfortable to wear because it reflect to most religious etiquette in India and all over the world. Initially, the sari wear was started as a Hindu tradition but has considerably spread and embraced across most religions. The Indian traditions and culture are highly appreciated by most people because it enhances politeness, respect, and progress among different people irrespective of their religion improving recognition worldwide.